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Personal Trainer In Dublin Who Is Health-Focused & Results Driven. For Those Who Want To Live A Longer Life In A Fitter Body

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Become Happier, Healthier & More Confident In a Group Setting With Like-Minded People

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Your Business Is More Than A Brand- It's The People. Talk To Us About One-Off Or Regular Workshops And Practical Sessions Delivered In The Workplace

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Personal Trainer Dublin

Lee Hand

Lee Hand is a personal trainer from Dublin who focuses on getting real people real results – no matter how busy they are.

Although he is known as a transformation coach, he puts health and wellness at the forefront of every client journey.

A personal trainer in Dublin who puts your health first while finding a sustainable approach that you can stick to long-term.

Through finding an approach you can commit to for the long haul, we can create a body transformation that you keep for life instead of going back and forth through restrictive, unrealistic methods that ultimately lead to no long term health benefits.

Together we will tackle every area of your life so you become the unstoppable, best version of yourself.

Our ultimate aim is to set you up with lifelong skills so you can maintain your results without us because that’s promoting health, and in case you didn’t notice, that’s what we’re all about.

This is not your normal personal training experience in Dublin.

We will not only provide training sessions that will build muscle and burn body fat, but we will also assess nutrition, provide recipe books, shopping lists, tailored meal plans, all of which will be assessed regularly to ensure you keep progressing with your goals.

We will also address any sleep issues you may be dealing with, along with providing techniques and information on managing stress. Along with all this, 24/7 accountability is something we pride ourselves on. We are literally with you every step of the way, not just when you are in the gym training with us.

Weight loss, fat loss, muscle building, becoming stronger, more confident, happier, whatever your goals are, we will help you achieve them.

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