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Dan – 8 Week Transformation

“Right from the assessment, through to the training, Lee was a true professional and extremely friendly. Lee spent a considerable amount of time assessing my functional range of motion and my capabilities in the gym. From this, he was able to create a highly personalized meal and workout plan, with which I have seen tremendous results in only a few short weeks!

Months on, not only has my body changed but my entire mindset surrounding nutrition and exercise has been shifted for the better. My time with Lee gave me a sustainable lifestyle for the future. The values instilled by Lee not only transformed my body but also my mind. I couldn’t recommend ActivHealth more, thanks for all the support guys. Looking forward to continuing the journey”!

Body Transformation
Body Transformation

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“A holistic approach to your health and fitness goals, using my extensive knowledge to create integrative solutions based on what is influencing your physiology. Specific training, nutrition and lifestyle interventions to optimise your health, energy, productivity, and body composition.”

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