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Personal Trainer in Dublin 2. Lee’s clients are entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs, and highly-focused people who want the best out of life. They all have one thing in common: wanting to improve their physical health and fitness to be more successful in life. Physical training teaches core values that carry over into work, business, and relationships.

Here at ActivHealth, we help frustrated men & women build their confidence, mindset, and the body of their dreams. But, more importantly, we do this in an enjoyable and sustainable fashion.

Our key interest lies in promoting a holistic approach to health and fitness goals, using our extensive education and knowledge to design an integrative and individual approach.

We help our clients every step of the way on their journey, and you will never feel like you’re on your own. We tailor everything completely to what you can do and what your needs are. So, there is literally no reason as to why you can’t do this.

We offer an array of services that include 1 to 1 personal training, semi-private personal training, and also online coaching for those who want a plan and structure put in place so they know EXACTLY what they need to be doing when they step foot into the gym.

All of these services will include nutritional assessment, education on portion control, and food choices/intake for your goals, monthly recipe books, shopping lists, along with HUGE accountability. We strongly believe that in order for you to get to where you want to be, and build the body of your dreams, you need the knowledge to get there, but also someone in your corner who wants you to succeed as much as you do!

Elite Personal Training

Elite Personal Training in Dublin

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Semi-Private Personal Training

Semi-Private Personal Training in Dublin

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Corporate Wellness Coaching

Corporate Wellness Coaching in Dublin

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