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Lee Hand Personal Trainer South Dublin – Transformation Coach

Personal Trainer South Dublin That Goes The Extra Mile

Lee Hand is a personal trainer from south Dublin who focuses on getting real people real results – no matter how busy they are. Although he is known as a transformation coach, he puts health and wellness at the forefront of every client journey. His key interest is promoting a holistic approach to health and fitness goals, using his extensive education and knowledge to design an integrative and individual approach.

A High-End Mindset

Lee believes in a rounded, holistic approach to health and fitness. What we start in the gym will soon spread to your business life and personal relationships. Lee’s coaching clients see improvement in every area of their lives, from sleep and stress to digestion and energy.

Improving Health, Fitness, Confidence, & Success

Lee’s clients are entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs, and highly-focused people who want the best out of life. They all have one thing in common: wanting to improve their physical health and fitness to be more successful in life.

Physical training teaches core values which carry over into work, business, and relationships. Lee learned the power of physical training at 16 when he started boxing. He qualified for the All Irelands, and understood where hard work and focus will get you. From there, he discovered the benefits of gym training, culminating in physique competitions. He now focuses on his clients’ success.

My Time Is Yours- Personal Trainer South Dublin

Lee has invested in courses and mentorship with leading health and fitness coaches in the UK, Australia, and America. Coaching with Lee is a life-changing investment in taking control of your health. You’re in control. It all starts with taking action.

Personal Trainer South Dublin
“A holistic approach to your health and fitness goals, using my extensive knowledge to create integrative solutions based on what is influencing your physiology. Specific training, nutrition and lifestyle interventions to optimise your health, energy, productivity, and body composition.”

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